Holy Guacamole You are Going to Relax Here
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Santa Elena, Oaxaca, Mexico

Where are you?

We are located on the breathtaking Oaxacan coastline halfway between the surfing Mecca of Puerto Escondido and the high end tourist town of Huatulco.

Gecko Rock is not in the heart of town. We’re not even on the outskirts. When you stay with us, you’ll be off the beaten path with the beach, the sun and the stars.

What is the weather like?

The local expression, ‘Even God has a house here’ tells you how good the weather is.

From November to May there is usually no rain at all. On a normal day, you’ll wake up in the morning to beautiful sunny skies that will last all day long. The temperature October to April is around 80-85 degrees (26-29 celcius), dropping to 65 (18C) in the late evenings.

April, May and June are the warmest months of the year. Temperatures usually fluctuate between 85 and 90 degrees (26-32C).

Mid June usually sees the start of the warm rains, mostly in the afternoons. These rains are quite popular as they cool the temperature down. Gecko Rock is closed during the peak rainy season July, August and September.

How is Gecko Rock’s service different?

In an increasingly impersonal world, it is becoming more and more difficult to find a place to unwind, recharge and reconnect where you feel like you’re at home and among friends.

At Gecko Rock our guests are treated like friends and family and we’re on a mission to make your trip one to remember. You’re not just another number to us.

Nowadays, people are growing disenchanted with the similar service they receive from large chain resorts, and want something unique and different. That’s what we are all about.

What does ‘adult only’ mean?

Nothing seedy! ‘Adult only’ simply means that we do not allow guests under the age of 18 years to stay at Gecko Rock. We do this in order to build an atmosphere for adults where all our guests can relax with a good book, spend some time alone meditating in a tranquil setting, socialize with friends at the pool or take a romantic walk along the beach without the pitter patter of little distractions.

Is there space for a larger group?

We have four casitas enabling us to cater to a group of up to eight people. All rooms have king size beds, so they are more suitable for a couple, close friends or family members. The advantage of booking as a group is that you will have the whole place to yourselves!

What is the beach like?

Our beach is particularly peaceful. You could spend a day under a sun umbrella with a picnic basket full of goodies and a good book and only have three or four people pass by.

Is it safe to swim in the sea?

We recently had a group of strong ocean swimmers visit us and they enjoyed a daily swim in the sea immediately in front of Gecko Rock. Here is the advice they gave us:

The water is clearer here than in many other swimming spots; less algae makes it a more pleasant swim.

The problem area is where the waves break. Occasionally you get a set of strong waves that can tousle you about, so you need to pay attention to the waves as you swim out.

There are a few rocky outcrops and the best swimming is in the large rock free areas between them.

The water is on the warm side; no rash guards necessary.

You need to monitor the changeable conditions when you are swimming.

For people who prefer to splash about there are tons of rock pools along this stretch of beach. In particular there is a huge rock pool that is almost as big as our swimming pool 20 min walk down the beach at the end of Agua Blanca. At low tide you will often see Mexican families paddling about. It is suitable for most swimming levels.

For everyone else, we have an excellent pool. It’s a great size for swimming, doing water calisthenics or splashing about.

About two miles down the beach you will also find a small laguna, teaming with wildlife, next to the local fishing beach..

Are you gay friendly?

Yes. We are everybody friendly.

How do I get there?

The best 2 airports to fly into are Puerto Escondido Airport – PXM (40 minutes from Gecko Rock) or Huatulco International Airport – HUX (80 minutes from Gecko Rock). Please follow this link to find the answer to all your flight questions.

How safe is the area from crime?

Very safe. It’s actually one of the things that sold us on this area.

We love that there is very little crime in this part of Mexico. We have a great rapport with the people who live around us. Many locals live a very simple life here. They are poor compared to many places in the US and Canada, but no one goes hungry. We have often heard people say “To starve here you need to be too lazy to pick fruit and too lazy to fish.” This is a thriving area with a wonderfully laid back feel to it. In addition, we live at Gecko Rock year round.

We are always here to watch out for your safety. Also, all our rooms are equipped with modern personal safes for your valuable items.

Wherever in the world you may be, it is best not to create an opportunity for crime to find you. We recommend that you use the same common sense you would at home. Please lock your room at night when you are sleeping and also if you are going down to the beach or out on a day trip. Avoid late night trips to the beach.