Holy Guacamole You are Going to Relax Here
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Santa Elena, Oaxaca, Mexico

It’s EASY to get here!


The most common question we get asked is, “How do we get there?” Well, it’s easy.


A simple way to find flight options from where you live into Huatulco or Puerto Escondido (the two airports near Gecko Rock) is to search with Google Flights.

You can also search directly at the website for major carriers serving your home airport. Common airlines used by Gecko Rock guests include:

And every year more Mexican carriers are offering routes from the US/Canada into Huatulco. In particular, guests arriving from New York, Chicago, Dallas, Houston or Los Angeles will find quite a few easy connections, especially during peak season:

Some guests have had success finding good tickets with third-party websites like Expedia and if you’re flying from Canada, look into SunWing, Westjet and Air Transat.

Those looking to escape the frigid temperatures of Minnesota will be glad to hear that they’ve got their own separate option, a non-stop flight with Sun Country.

Another option that we HIGHLY recommend is to fly into Mexico City on one ticket and then take one of the low cost carriers down to the coast. Do yourself a HUGE favor and spend a day or two in Mexico City either en route to Gecko Rock, or on your way home. Mexico City is one of the most underrated cities in the world, rich with history, culture, and modern flair. It is one of our favorite cities and no trip to Mexico is truly complete without a stop-over in its vibrant capital. Additionally, the “via Mexico City” option is often cheaper, and also available year-round.

Mexico City Airport, Benito Juárez International Airport, is modern, clean and safe. From here you can take a pre pay taxi into the elegant and fun parts of the city, such as La Condesa or Colonia Roma. If your stopover is short, there are quite a few hotels in and around the airport, one of the most highly recommended ones being the Marriot Courtyard which is connected to terminal 1 by a walkway.

The options are endless for airlines servicing Mexico City:

To get to Gecko Rock from Mexico City, there are 4 options:

You can either fly into Huatulco Airport (HUX) or Puerto Escondido Airport (PXM) as we’re located between the two.

Special note concerning Viva Aerobus: Viva Aerobus is a budget airline that often offers very low fares, but bear in mind that they have a “no refund” policy. Even in cases where the company changes the flight time, they will not refund your ticket but only change you to a different flight or give you a voucher. If you are flexible then they can be a great option, because their prices are often the cheapest and the flight from Mexico City is under an hour. On most days there is only 1 flight and so changes are not an issue, but on dates where they offer multiple flights, be forewarned that you may be moved to a different flight time if they do not sell enough tickets for the other flights and this can be an issue with connecting flights.